The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane is an innovative and original project of an international standard. It is based on a special transportation lane combined with a toll service, in order to regulate traffic in the lane and ensure a minimum level of speed. The Fast Lane was constructed under the BOT method, wherein Shapir was awarded the concession for constructing and operating it for approx. 28 years.

In recent years, Israel has experienced a massive increase in traffic jams. The data revealed that the rate of new road construction was not enough to alleviate the ongoing daily transportation needs of Israeli citizens, which resulted in congestion and very significant, often unexpected delays, especially at the entrance to major cities.

The Fast Lane provides continuous traffic flow throughout the day, 24-hour monitoring and control at the entrances and exits, an advanced control and security system, automated smart identification cameras, a park-and-ride facility, public transportation in cooperation with the Dan company, a staffed information booth, and security personnel. All of these elements are employed in order to ensure the significant improvement demanded by the Israeli public.

The project includes a computerized vehicle identification and traffic regulation system, implemented in collaboration with Siemens. The project was opened to public transportation and subscribers in January 2011.

The Fast Lane is designated for public transportation and registered subscribers only – additional details and free registration are available at