About the Project

The Fast Lane Car Park is an important milestone in advancing Israel’s vision of accessibility in general and of the Shapir Group in particular. The car park brings the country’s center closer to the periphery and enables wider circles of the population to reach Israel’s central metropolis for work, studies, business and recreation.

The project includes a three-story car park with 3,800 parking spaces, buildings for the benefit of public transportation drivers, an upgraded public transportation terminal, structure command and control systems, auxiliary systems for car park users, and a system of fixed and alternating signage.

In the Fast Lane Car Park, there are over 80 electric vehicle charge spots. Private vehicles are eligible to use the Fast Lane subject to the payment of a toll and advanced registration. The lane’s travelers enjoy comfort, fuel cost savings, reduced wear and tear on the vehicle and less driving time and contribute to reducing air pollution in the dense central region.

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