Logistics According to Fritz

The acquisition of Fritz Logistics and Shipping Company in August 2022 was Shapir’s first step in the logistics and shipping sector.
Through Fritz, Shapir provides solutions to its clients and business partners through five logistics centers covering 40,000 m2.
Fritz is known in the logistics industry for over 30 years thanks to its innovative and diverse models for managing supply chains of any scope and excels in operational flexibility and advanced technology. At the forefront is a standard of management and service that emphasizes quality, accuracy and professionalism while continuing to develop the most advanced and innovative tools available.

Among the Services Offered by the Company

International Shipping
Solutions for Special Projects
Urgent and Temperature-Controlled Deliveries
Storage and Inventory Management Services
Added Value and Insurance Services

All services are tailored to the client’s needs and have the highest standards. The Company provides services to every customer and every Company:  small, medium or large businesses.
The service points include the Company’s branches, ports and logistics centers with a total area of 40,000 m2, from the north to the south of the country.

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