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Prefabricated construction offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, including a condensed timeline and the ability to overcome logistical constraints related to on-site storage capacity. 

The Shapir Group’s prefabricated elements and beam factory, established in the 1990s at the Etziona Quarry, is overseen by a team of skilled, professional, and experienced employees and managers. They produce a diverse range of prefabricated elements tailored to the specific demands and requirements of customers and various projects.

Prefabricated Elements in Shapir

  • Factory-manufactured products: Prestressed concrete beams, prefab structural units and elements for building
  • The factory has three pre-stress lines for beams and elements
  • The stress capacity enables the production of elements with a strength of 1,300 tons of stress
  • Prefab structures are manufactured in the factory using a special technique: The entire unit, including finishings, is manufactured in the factory and transported in its entirety to the customers’ sites
  • The factory also offers transport and hoisting services
  • Among those who are clients of Shapir’s prefab beams and elements factory are companies and government agencies such as Netivei Israel, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Electric Corporation, Mekorot and NTA
  • The company holds a standard marking in the production of prefab concrete systems and elements: SII 1923 and ISO 9001:2015 certification

Technical Data


Pre-stressed beams – in various sizes and cross-sections.

Channel Beams.
Double Tee.

Post-tension beams – in various sizes and cross-sections

Channel Beams.
Double Tee.

Prefabricated elements.

Non-stressed slabs.
Non-stressed beams.
Signage columns/gantries
T walls.

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