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Our asphalt production relies on superior raw materials sourced from Shapir Group’s own quarries. Utilizing advanced control measures, the production process ensures precision, while all products undergo rigorous laboratory testing to meet the highest standards. 

Renowned for their exceptional quality, Shapir’s asphalt plants owe their excellence to the extensive experience gained from participating in national projects for entities such as the Israel Airports Authority, Israel Ports, Netivei Israel, and the Ministry of Defense.

Shapir Quarry produces asphalt that is supplied to infrastructure contractors. The Shapir Group maintains industry-standard certifications in asphalt production, such as SII 3. Additionally, it is certified to the 2015 Standard: ISO 9001.

Technical Data


Normal asphalt mixtures

basaltic asphalt mixtures


Mixes from Dolomite or Gravel Stone – According to Standards and Accepted Specifications


Special asphalt mixtures such as SMA – stone mastic asfalt

Rolls for Airport Fields, Roads, Parking Lots, Walkways, and Surfaces Across the Country

The Shapir Group Emulsion Plant

The Shapir Group Emulsion Plant leverages the extensive expertise and years of experience garnered from its involvement in the asphalt industry. Rooted in a foundation of knowledge, the plant employs advanced control systems to scrutinize the production process of raw materials, ensuring rigorous adherence to stringent laboratory testing. The emulsion products crafted at the plant are not only utilized in the Group’s own projects nationwide but are also distributed to external customers.

Our emulsion products adhere strictly to the specifications outlined in SII 161 and ISO 9001:2015, earning certification from the Standards Institute of Israel.

Bonding Emulsion Spray

This bituminous emulsion stands out for its outstanding adhesive properties, specifically designed for application between asphalt layers during the resurfacing process. Upon being sprayed onto the existing asphalt layer, the emulsion dries within approximately thirty minutes, allowing for the subsequent laying of the new asphalt.

*Compliant with the specifications outlined in SII 161.

Primer Emulsion Spray

This bituminous emulsion is designed for application by spraying onto the sub-base or the crushed and graded aggregate layer before laying the asphalt surface. Recognized for its high permeability and exceptional adhesive capabilities, the emulsion serves as an effective primer.

*Compliant with the specifications outlined in SII 161.

Technical Data

The Product
Means of Supply

Bituminous emulsion for primer spray.


Fill for Tanks / Barrels

Bituminous emulsion for tack/bonding spray.


Fill for Tanks / Barrels

Cold asphalt.

Bulk, bales, sacks.

Bulk, bales, sacks.

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