Shapir Center - Redefining Commercial Spaces

Experience ‘Shapir Center’ – not just shopping centers, but dynamic community hubs where businesses thrive and customers feel at home. Offering a diverse mix of local and international brands, our centers provide a convenient, accessible, and enjoyable shopping environment. As we continue to envision future projects, you can expect to see more commercial centers seamlessly integrated into the heart of city neighborhoods.

Shapir Center Rosh Ha'ayin

Experience the epitome of shopping and entertainment at Shapir Center, Rosh Ha’AYin. Established in 2021 and strategically located on the main street of the Psagot Afek neighborhood, Shapir Center is the city’s first and only large center. Boasting a winning mix of diverse stores, along with fairs, festivals, children’s activities, and exclusive events, the center has become a main attraction, offering a unique shopping and entertainment experience for both the neighborhood and the entire city.

Spanning two commercial buildings covering 13,000 square meters and featuring two parking floors, Shapir Center hosts a variety of leading chains and brands, including Superpharm, Fox Home, Lalin, Kiwi, Carter’s, and Papaya. Enjoy not only a vibrant shopping experience but also a range of services such as cafes, restaurants, health funds, a fitness center, and more.

Shapir Center - Harish

Located in the heart of the coveted Bezvata neighborhood in Harish, Shapir Center spans approximately 4,500 square meters, offering a diverse range of commercial spaces for shopping, entertainment, and services. Established in 2022, the center embraces a collaborative living and leisure concept, enriching the unique neighborhood.

Beyond traditional amenities, Shapir Center introduces innovative features, including cooperative workspaces, a cooperative store, and a cooperative event hall. The center also provides underground parking, ensuring convenience for all customers. Join us at Shapir Center, where shopping meets community well-being!

Shapir Center - Givat Shmuel

The Shapir Center in Givat Shmuel spans approximately 11,000 square meters, featuring around 3,600 square meters of commercial spaces and an adjoining surface parking lot. The center houses the renowned Holmes Place global chain, complemented by a diverse array of convenience stores and food establishments.

Shapir Center Shopping Centers: Paving the Way for the Future

The Shapir Center brand, dedicated to shopping and leisure, is expanding its footprint. Presently, the Shapir Group is actively engaged in initiating, planning, and constructing commercial centers across numerous cities in Israel.

In the upcoming years, the group is set to unveil cutting-edge shopping and leisure centers in Ramat Hasharon, Nes Ziona, Beit Shemesh, Kiryat Ono, and Rishon Lezion.

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