Packer-Shefi Steel Construction Ltd.

With six decades of industry presence, Packer-Shefi Steel Construction is a trailblazer in the Israeli wrought iron sector. The company manufactures iron products at two state-of-the-art facilities situated in the Be’er Tuvia Industrial Park and Rishon LeZion. These plants boast advanced machinery for wrought iron, mesh fabric, and piles, all managed by a skilled and experienced team. Offering a diverse range of products and services, the company’s iron and steel facilities cater to the varied needs of the construction industry.

Additional information

The company holds several standard markings for the wrought iron industry:

  • SII 4466 part 4 – Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete: Welded Fabric
  • SII 4466 part 5 – Steel for Reinforcement of Concrete: Cut and Bent Bars and Fabric.

Technical Data


Wrought Iron

Iron is used for buildings and infrastructures of various types and in a variety of sizes and diameters, including cutting, bending, hoops, spirals, and more, all according to the customers’ needs.

The customer carries out the assembly of these products at the building site, and wrought iron is marketed to contractors and end-user customers

Mesh Fabrics

The company employs advanced automated high-output machinery, enabling the production of an extensive range of square mesh fabrics and identical wire types in both orientations. Additionally, it specializes in manufacturing custom welded mesh of various sizes and diameters, alongside standard mesh products.


In the special mesh, we also provide additional processing such as bending and cutting. These products are marketed to contractors and are mainly used for reinforcing the framework, walls, roofs, and infrastructure.


A building foundation for affixing the structure to the soil or supporting various loads related to the land, produced using cylinders according to size and diameter and without depreciation.

Marketed to contractors, used for all types of drilling, CFA dry drilling (bentonite or micropile).


Bridge beams, tunnel elements, railway infrastructure, slurry wall and reinforced steel columns.


Welded elements of various types and sizes and a high level of complexity for diverse applications assist the builder in closing in on a tighter and more attractive timetable. The supply of ready-made reinforced cages directly to the building site.

Bridge beams, tunnel elements, railway infrastructure, slurry wall and reinforced steel columns.

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