Lipsker & Co

Founded in 1962, Lipsker & Company is behind many groundbreaking patents and developments in geotechnical engineering in Israel and around the world. The Company has over 60 years of experience in conducting experimental drillings and drillings for piles diaphragms and foundations. Since its founding, the Company has had reciprocal relations and exchanges of know-how with leading companies in its sector in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy) there are many patents registered in its name in Israel and abroad in subjects such as drilling equipment, polymer anchors, instrumentation and methods of execution.

As a part of the Shapir Group, Lipsker is expanding and developing the subterranean field, enlarging the package of services that the Group offers its clients, and helping Shapir provide a collection of the very best solutions in construction and infrastructure.

The fields in which Lispker & Co. specializes include the following:


  • Retaining Walls.
  • Structure Foundations and Bracing.
  • Slope Stabilization.
  • Ground Anchors.
  • Grout and Jet Grouting.