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Lipsker & Co. leads the way in the Israeli soil anchor sector, driven by a rich legacy of innovation. The company offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical products seamlessly integrated into its complex projects as Head Contractor. Lipsker & Co’s anchors undergo a precision-driven manufacturing process, embracing controlled automation. Committed to excellence, the company upholds the highest standards in material, production, and performance. Leveraging their expertise, Lipsker & Co. executes diverse projects with cutting-edge equipment, advanced technologies, and a dedicated professional team, ensuring outstanding results.

Lipsker & Co. holds an unlimited classification and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Patent - Multi-Strip Polymer Anchor

Introducing the Multi-Strip Polymer Anchor, a groundbreaking innovation born from Lipsker & Co.’s ongoing pursuit of R&D excellence. This patented anchor and tensioning method, tailored for diverse diaphragm, tunneling, and nailing applications, represents a paradigm shift in construction technology. 

Crafted from up to eight polymer strips seamlessly integrated along its entire length, this anchor sets itself apart without any need for couplers or steel components. It’s the ultimate solution for construction challenges that rule out traditional steel anchors. 

The anchor’s design allows for installation in standard-diameter boreholes, maintaining maximum strength and tolerance within a compact profile. With unparalleled resistance to corrosion and soil aggressors, and immunity to electromagnetic fields, it’s a resilient choice. 

Boasting double the tensioning strength of steel while weighing 75% less, this innovation is reshaping construction landscapes across Israel, notably contributing to the light rail projects in Tel Aviv.

Head Contractor Services

Lipsker is active in a wide variety of construction and building fields:

  • Slurry walls, foundations and piles.
  • Steel soil anchors and bolts, and polymer anchors.
  • Slope Stabilization.
  • Jet grout plugs to prevent groundwater penetration.
  • Horizontal and vertical jet grouting for foundations, slurry walls and tunneling.
  • Chemical and cement grouting
  • Dewatering
  • Structural reinforcement and underpinning in conditions of restricted accessibility.
  • Tunneling in the sequential excavation method – NATM.

Lipsker & Co. is your comprehensive partner, seamlessly guiding clients through a ‘one-stop shop’ experience—from design to implementation. The company’s  commitment is to deliver optimal technical solutions tailored for savings, speed, and safety in every situation. Operating with efficiency and precision, Lipsker & Co. adhere to rigorous schedules. Company worksites are led by seasoned engineers and foremen, ensuring work is executed at the pinnacle of industry standards and quality.

Technical Data


Manufacture and Marketing of Steel and Polymer Soil Anchors

Lipsker manufactures company-registered fiberglass Flat Bar anchors (polymer), which are considered the most reliable in the world, for a service load of up to 70 tons.

  • A variety of temporary and permanent anchors from steel bars or cables for any required load and lengths as long as 30 or more meters.
  • Permanent steel bar or cable anchors for any required length with Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) injected in the factory and manufactured in full compliance with the Israeli Standard SII 940 part 4.2 and the DSI Standard.
  • Rock bolts from Dywidag Bars or Ribbed Screwdrivers
  • Supplemental anchoring accessories for all types of anchors and bolts, such as bearing plates, screw housings and more.

Steel products manufactured by Dywidag Systems International (DSI).
Lipsker & Co. is the exclusive representative of the international corporation DSI in the geotechnical engineering sector.

DSI is one of Europe’s largest brands that manufactures and markets DYWIDAG steels, soil anchors, rock bolts, geotechnical instrumentation, concrete tensioning equipment and more.

The company offers for sale a wide range of Dywidag bars to any length required, from 12mm to 75mm, with strengths from 500/550 to 950/1050. All bars and accessories are accompanied by testing certificates from the manufacturer showing compliance with German and European standards and by chemical analysis certificates. The steel arrives as a raw material or assembled as a standards-compliant anchor that includes all the parts required for installation.
The company also offers for sale the following products:

  • Load cells.
  • Anchor tensioning units are manufactured by Parker and DSI (the lightest tensioning systems in the world), as well as all the auxiliary accessories, including pistons, pumps, locking hubs, various centering and measuring accessories, and more.

Fiberglass and plastic products manufactured by Sireg.

Lipsker & Co. is the exclusive representative in Israel of the Italian Sireg Company, a leading manufacturer of plastic and fiberglass products for geotechnical and civil engineering applications.

The list of products includes fiberglass and carbon rods and profiles for anchors and bolts and fiberglass rods used as alternative reinforcements for slurry elements and piles. Drainage pipes, injection pipes and packers, smooth and corrugated piping, and water stoppers.

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