• Innovation

    Improves the performance and efficiency of the construction industry through new materials, digitization, automation, industrial methodologies and smart safety systems.

  • Collaboration

    Technological partners who will accelerate the development path, expand and streamline the supply of ideas and strengthen the connection and familiarity with the active markets in the field.

  • Leadership

    Advance sustainable solutions by implementing new technologies, increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs and construction cycles while improving safety and environmental friendliness.


According to the Shapir Group’s worldview, the world in general and Israel, in particular, are a moment before an infrastructure revolution in the transportation and housing in the modern space.
As a leading group in the infrastructure and construction sector, including raw materials for construction, we believe that digital technology and the development of new materials will bring the sector to a major revolution.
The Access Innovation Center, founded by the Shapir Group, leads the innovation  in all sectors of the Group’s activity.
The Center’s goal is to encourage and promote innovation in construction in Israel.
The Access Innovation Center is fertile ground for start-ups leading the revolution in the global construction industry and developing innovative materials, processes, technologies and means that will change the future of the industry.

The Access Innovation Center designs to germinate and accelerate innovative ideas in the supportive environment that Shapir will provide – from the feasibility study to implementation.

Access Innovation Center Innovations

The future of Israeli construction


Automation and streamlining of construction material procurement for cost-effective and sustainable projects.

Structure Pal

Artificial intelligence tools allow engineers to reduce the amount of concrete per project and reduce emissions and construction costs.


An asset management platform for end-to-end visual data assessments, analytics, and workflows.


A digital system that replaces the automation phase of projects from budget building to completion.


A digital system that replaces the automation phase of projects from budget building to completion.

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