Ad 120, Here Age Feels Different

At Ad 120, we believe that age is not a fact; it’s how you feel.

Sometimes, all it takes is to be in the right environment that allows you to connect with the age you feel you are.
To make every day a journey of joy and happiness. It is our job to create that environment for you, allowing you to explore fascinating worlds, realize new and sensual loves and create new connections that are sometimes only a touch away.

Age is not a fact; it’s how you feel.
Therefore, at Ad 120, we encourage you (and us) to live the age that you feel you are.

Ad 120 - Tel Aviv

The home is located in the center of the Ramat Hahiyal neighborhood, full of restaurants and cafes, performance halls, and the colorful North Market. It is suitable for independent adults who want to lead a rich life in the heart of the big city.

The house is located across the street from a green and blooming park, within walking distance of the spacious Yarkon Park and Assuta Medical Center, and a short drive to leading shopping malls (Ramat Aviv and Ayalon.)

Ad 120 Tel Aviv is a short drive from Tel Aviv’s cultural institutions. It is ideal for culture lovers who choose to visit the Eretz Israel Museum, the Opera House, the Habima and Cameri Theater, Tel Aviv’s galleries and movie theaters. The home’s location allows for easy access to major urban and intercity transportation arteries.

Ad 120 - Hod Hasharon

The home in Hod Hasharon is located next to the Four Seasons Park, which is full of green areas and beautiful gardens and adjacent to the Margalit Hasharon Mall. The home’s residents enjoy a warm atmosphere and strong friendships that have been forged between them.

The home’s central location affords easy access to the railway, urban and intercity transportation arteries in the Gush Dan and Sharon regions – Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, Ramat Hasharon and Herzliya.

Ad 120 - Rishon Le'Zion

The home in Rishon Le’Zion is located in the heart of a prestigious villa neighborhood near the city center and the winery, within walking distance of the mall and city center. The home’s residents enjoy an atmosphere of warmth, family and friendship.

The home’s location enables convenient proximity to all accessible means of transport. It is near the railway station and Highway 431, a major transportation artery with convenient access to urban and intercity transportation arteries, and the fast train to the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

Ad 120 - Modi'in

Construction of the home in Modi’in, the fourth in the Ad 12 chain, began in 2023, and it is located in the Modi’in city center, within walking distance from the railway station and the mall. This home will join the chain in 2025 and be built to the highest standard, including advanced technological systems and health services.

The home in Modi’in was designed and constructed according to the Biophilia Philosophy, a concept that sees tremendous value in the connection between nature and man. It is being accomplished out of a desire to strengthen the sense of serenity, happiness and the ‘being well’ design concept that, at the foundation of the home’s raison d’etre draws inspiration from the world’s leading boutique hotels and is expressed in an exceptional aesthetic experience:  each space is designed with great attention according to its unique character, in the design of the internal gardens in the structure and on the roof, emphasis was placed on bringing the outside to the interior. All to make the tenants feel different

Ad 120 - The Future

In the coming years, the chain is expected to continue to grow and develop. New homes are expected to be built in central and northern Israeli cities such as Kiryat Motzkin, Ness Ziona and Jerusalem.

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