Services in the Raw Material Transport Sector

Dasal Merchavim Earthworks Co. Ltd has been a Shapir Group-owned company since the turn of the century. It is responsible for supplying raw materials and ready-mix concrete transportation from the various plants to the work sites of the company’s clientele.

The company’s fleet of vehicles includes a diverse collection of concrete mixers of various models and volumes adapted to the client’s changing needs. The transportation activity is managed through Shapir Group’s Logistics Department, which precisely tailors the customers’ service to each of the companies. The Group manages the company’s resources through an efficient computerized procurement and logistics system that enables it to offer clients a complete and comprehensive basket of transportation solutions.

Rail Transport

Shapir transports the raw materials from its quarries to sites in the north via rail transport composed of designated tankers. The shipments transport primarily gravel from the country’s south to a site in the north, from where they return southbound with clinker from the Port of Haifa intended for the production plants.

Unloading in the Port

The Group unloads two types of raw materials in the country’s ports – cement and clinker.

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