The Shapir Cement Production Plant

The Shapir Cement Production Plant stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Every day, a fleet of tanker trucks sets out, distributing cement solutions throughout the nation. Within our plant, diverse departments work seamlessly to produce top-quality cement, carefully sourced from the Mediterranean. Rigorous testing ensures excellence in every batch, guaranteeing the highest standards.

More than just a production center, our plant serves as a hub of excellence that goes beyond meeting the needs of external clients. It actively supports various Shapir Group divisions, becoming an integral part of our collaborative success. In essence, it’s not just about manufacturing cement; it’s about being a driving force behind the success of projects across the entire country.

The Standard Markings of the Cement Production

For the company’s cement production, standard specifications include:

  • IS 1 Edition February 2015, CEM I 52.5N. Supply in bulk
  • IS 1 Edition February 2015, CEM II 42.5 N/AM-SLV. Supply in bulk
  • IS 1 Edition February 2015, CEM III/B 42.5 N-SR. Blended cement supply

*Additionally, the company holds ISO 9001:2015 certification (Standard Approval).IS 1923.

Technical Data

Product and Description

 CEM I 52.5N

A Portland Cement with a particularly high final strength, good operability in concrete, multi-functional in the imported concrete industry, high hydration temperature, and free of coal ash

  • Soil stabilization and concrete injection.
  • For constructive elements.
  • For the manufacture of pre-cast and pre-stressed elements.
  • For pumped castings.


Blended Portland Cement, limestone, high strength and good operability, in concrete, multi-functional in the ready-mix concrete industry, moderate hydration temperature.

  • For concrete casting in contact with water.
  • For concrete casting at surface level and underground.
  • For the manufacture of blocks, paving stones, and curbstones.
  • For exposed and architectural concrete casting.
  • For plaster, mortar, adhesive bonding cement.

 CEM III/B 42.5N

Sulfate-resistant slag cement, low hydration temperature, slow initial strength buildup, Free of fly ash, has good resistance to chloride penetration, an environmentally friendly product (low clinker content.)

  • Compatible with concrete admixture castings via pumps.
  • Especially compatible with large-scale castings.
  • For casting wastewater treatment plants, oxygenation pools and desalination facilities.
  • For casting surface level and underground structures.
  • It is suitable for aggressive environments with high chloride and sulfate content.

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