About the Project

As an integral component of the port’s comprehensive upgrade initiative, the Shapir Group was selected to execute the port’s “refurbishment”. This encompassed a wide array of tasks, including infrastructure construction, paving, electrical installations, crane assembly, railway construction, transformer stations, building construction, operational facilities, warehouses, and control rooms. Remarkably, the group successfully completed the project well in advance of the scheduled deadline, concluding in October 2021.

Key statistics pertaining to the project include:

  • Approximately 500 dunams dedicated to paving and development works
  • Around 150 dunams designated for paving
  • Approximately 80 dunams utilized for concrete work
  • A total of 60,000 cubic meters of concrete used
  • Approximately 5,000 tons of iron employed

Client: A Private Contractor
Period of Construction: 2019-2021
Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 900 million

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