About the Project

The Road 6 project, initiated by the government in 2010, encompasses several key sections:

Yokneam Section: Serving as the primary traffic artery connecting the central and northern regions of the country, it stretches from the Yokneam interchange to the Tel Kashish interchange. This route effectively bypasses the ‘Yokneam Corridor’ and the Tashbi intersection.

Somech Section: Connecting the Valleys Interchange to the Somech Interchange, this section offers a swift and convenient alternative to the Yagur Interchange for travelers commuting from the North East (Acre, Nahariya, and Kiryat) towards the central region. It also serves passengers traveling from locations north of the central region.

Tunnels and Interchanges: Shapir played a key role in the project’s execution, constructing approximately 10 km of tunnels, 5 interchanges, and 9 bridges, including the viaduct bridge linking the new section with Highway 77. The total road length covered in the project spans 160 km.

To facilitate seamless travel through the tunnels, a toll system is implemented. Subscribing to the Route 6 Crossing North website allows users to register as subscribers, enabling them to save time and money while ensuring a smooth journey—whether heading home, to work, or embarking on a trip—by maintaining continuous travel from the central section of Road 6 to the northern section, known as Route 6 North.

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