About the Project

The Highway 6-Cross North Project was launched subsequent to a decision by the Government of the State of Israel in 2010.

Yoqneam Segment
The main traffic artery between the center and the north of the country is located between the Yoqneam and Tel Kashish Interchanges, bypassing the Yoqneam Corridor and the Tishbi Junction.

Somekh Segment
The section that connects the Emakim interchange to the Somekh Interchange is a quick and short alternative to the Yagur Interchange for passengers from the northeast (Acre, Nahariya and the Krayot) towards the center of the country and certainly for those traveling northbound.

Tunnels and Interchanges
In the project, Shapir constructed approximately 10 km of tunnels, five interchanges, nine bridges, and a viaduct bridge, connecting the new segment with Highway 77 and totaling 160 km of roadway.
Passage through the tunnels requires payment of a toll. Consequently, it is recommended that drivers register as subscribers on the 6-Cross North website to arrive swiftly to their homes, to work and to begin their vacations. All this is to facilitate continuous travel from the central segment of Highway 6 until the road’s northern segment – 6 –Cross North.

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