About the Project

In April 2021, Shapir, in collaboration with the Spanish company CAF, commenced operations for the red line of the light rail in Jerusalem. Stretching across 14 km, the line is serviced by 46 passenger cars, facilitating the daily transportation of approximately 170,000 passengers. By 2022, the monthly ridership on the light rail had reached around 3.25 million, reflecting a steady enhancement in passenger services since Shapir took over operations.

Under Shapir’s management, notable improvements in passenger experience are evident in punctual timetables, the addition of daily trips, and a reduction in travel time. Furthermore, Shapir has introduced additional services for passenger convenience, such as app-based payment options and enhanced accessibility of information on the website.

Upon completion of Shapir’s construction work, the red line is slated to span 40 km, boasting a fleet of 160 cars to accommodate an estimated half a million passengers daily.

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