About the Project

In this project, Shapir undertook a comprehensive scope of activities, including earthworks totaling 400,000 cubic meters, construction of reinforced concrete piles utilizing the bentonite method, establishment of load-bearing elements, creation of various foundations, groundwater level reduction, construction of underground outlet channels, and the erection of the station’s command building.

Additionally, the group executed the construction of a sea pier and bridge for the coal conveyor at the power plant. The pier, extending approximately 2 kilometers, is specifically designed for coal unloading, constructed from prefabricated structures weighing up to 300 tons each. 

The accompanying bridge conveyor, facilitating access for the coal conveyor, comprises prefabricated pallets. A distinctive feature of the project was the utilization of a floating concrete plant, specially built on a barge ship, for all castings in the heart of the sea. Furthermore, the installation of bridge pillars in shallow sea areas was conducted as part of the project’s intricate operations.


Client: Israel Electric Corporation
Period of Construction: 1996 – 1998
Financial Scope: NIS 350 million

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