About the Project

A large-scale project covering an area of approximately 800,000 m2, which included earthworks, a substrate structure, approximately one million cubic meters of paving and asphalt works of nearly 250,000 m2 of the runway, aircraft aprons and roads.

The work was carried out with the help of two special concrete spreaders to pour and spread concrete surfaces for aircraft aprons and runways of approximately 165,000 m2. The project’s framework also included fuel pipelines with a diameter reaching up to 20 meters and a total length of approximately 10,000 meters, fuel chambers and trenches for airports, electrical and communication systems’ infrastructures. Hundreds of concrete trenches were also cast to cope with heavy loads and tens of thousands of meters of underground piping, drainage and sewage systems, and in a special and dedicated manner for this project, notched corrugated piping was laid.
The project included retaining walls and security fences built of concrete that were brought to the site from two designated concrete factories due to the use of particularly large quantities of concrete.


Client: Israel Airport Authority.
Period of Construction: 1999 – 2003
Financial Scope: NIS 250 million

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