About the Project

The total built-up area of the project is approximately 110,000 m2.

As part of the job, the Shapir Group doubled the number of available parking spaces, which currently stands at approximately 3,800 parking spaces. In addition, Shapir upgraded the public transportation system by constructing platforms and adding capacity for intercity buses and city shuttles.

The project includes the following:

Above the first floor, a second floor and mezzanine level were constructed to add parking capacity to the car park.
During construction, a temporary car park was built.
Eight service shafts for stairs, elevators, electrical, firefighting and communications systems were constructed.
Three bus parking lots were also constructed as part of the project.
Two bridges were constructed – the northern bridge was cast on-site in the ‘post-tension’ process during construction.
Three internal ascent ramps were constructed.
The southern bridge was assembled from prefabricated girders.


Client: Trans Israel
Period of Construction: 2020 – 2023
The Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 325 million

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