About the Project

The construction of the Gulf Port, initiated in 2015, involved extensive preparatory activities such as building breakwaters, piers, marine dredging, and other essential infrastructure components. Within this undertaking, the Shapir Group played a key role by extending the main breakwater, constructing a secondary breakwater, developing docks, storage areas, an operational zone, and a freight train terminal, in addition to conducting marine dredging operations.

The project featured round-the-clock efforts, resulting in the construction of 19 caissons, each spanning 600 meters and utilizing 14,000 tons of steel. Noteworthy accomplishments included the excavation of 14 million cubic meters of soil, pouring 400,000 cubic meters of concrete, and employing 100,000 tons of asphalt for paving. The project also involved the use of 10,000,000 cubic meters of stone. The collaborative efforts included the participation of 12 cranes, 60 military vessels, and 63 marine vessels.

The project was conducted in partnership with the Ashtrom Group.
Period of Construction: 2015–2019
The Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 4 billion

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