About the Project

Construction of the Bay Port began in 2015 in preliminary work aimed towards the construction of breakwaters and docks, marine excavation and additional infrastructure works. In this project, the Shapir Group extended the main breakwater, constructed a secondary breakwater, built docks, storage areas, an operating area and a cargo railway terminal, and carried out marine excavation work.

The work included round-the-clock work in which 19 600-meter-long caissons were constructed using 14,000 tons of steel, excavating 14 million m3 of earth, pouring 400,000 m3 of concrete, and using 100,000 tons of asphalt for paving and 10,000,000 m3 of stone for filling. Twelve cranes, 60 heavy machinery vehicles and 63 maritime vessels took part in the project.


The project was conducted in partnership with the Ashtrom Group.
Period of Construction: 2015–2019
The Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 4 billion

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