About the Project

Among the large and intricate projects encompassing excavation and construction of two parallel tunnels connected by a bridge extending over the Emek Arazim valley, one of the tunnels is considered the longest in Israel, spanning 11 kilometers. The tunneling was executed using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), an advanced tunneling machine globally recognized for its efficiency. The tunnel’s diameter is 10 meters, and the tunneling process involved the use of specially designed concrete segments for tunnel lining.

Additionally, Shapir undertook conventional excavation for two more tunnels, each with a length of 900 meters. Two additional tunnels, each measuring 300 meters, were dug using the Cut & Cover method.

The project also entailed the construction of two railway bridges, each spanning 144 meters, utilizing an advanced formwork system, positioned over the Yitlah Stream. Furthermore, the project included portals, electrical infrastructure, control systems, water facilities, and fire suppression systems.

Client: Israel Railways
Period of Construction: 2010 – 2015
Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 1.6 billion

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