About the Project

In this project, the extension of the Ayalon Highway from Herzliya to Rishpon was executed, along with the construction of a connection to Highway 531 originating from Ra’anana. The completed works include the construction of bridges, tunnels, and road ramps for vehicular traffic to establish the connection between Highway 531 from the Seven Stars interchange to the Neḥalat Ada area, passing through the Shmaryahu interchange to Highway 20. A dual-lane, three-way, approximately 7-kilometer road was built, alongside which a dual railway track, spanning about 7.5 kilometers, was also constructed.

Additional components of the project include:

  • 6 bridges and 7 underpasses
  • 300,000 square meters of road pavement
  • Infrastructure for railway tracks
  • 2 million cubic meters of imported fill
  • Anticipating the area’s potential flooding, a 40,000 cubic meter drainage reservoir was constructed.


The project also included:

Six bridges and 7 underpasses.
300,000 m2 paved roadway.
Railway track infrastructure.
2 million m3 imported fill.
Since the area is vulnerable to flooding, a 40,000 m3 drainage reservoir was constructed.


The project was conducted in partnership with the Ashtrom Group.
Period of Construction: 2012-2015
Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 1 billion

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