About the Project

Shapir executed the Highway 531 – Ra’anana South Interchange project, encompassing a roadway and a railway track, a bridge over Highway 4, a 1,800-meter tunnel excavation, and a covering beneath the alignment of Highway 531. 

The project also featured an underground railway station, bridges, and roads. As part of the endeavor, Shapir oversaw the construction of road structures, including underground passages, retaining walls, acoustic walls, and bridges, connecting Highway 531 from Hod Hasharon to Herzliya, intersecting with Highway 4 and Ra’anana.

Additionally, the project involved the establishment of the Ra’anana South railway station, along with the construction of an energy center and pipelines along the tunnel alignment, covering an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, equipped with electro-mechanical systems.

Additional components of the project include:

  • A dual two-lane road spanning approximately 2.2 kilometers
  • A dual railway track extending 2.2 kilometers and a 1.8-kilometer tunnel
  • Two interchanges – Ra’anana South and Melaleh
  • Four bridges – 531 over Highway 4, Sokolov, a pedestrian bridge, and a station bridge
  • Four underpasses
  • A railway station
  • A system of retaining walls, acoustic walls, and acoustic covering

The excavation quantities for the project amounted to approximately one million cubic meters, filling about 70,000 truckloads and using approximately 350,000 cubic meters of concrete with around 45,000 concrete mixers.

In 2018, the commercial operation of the railway station commenced.

  • Project Commissioned by: Netivei Israel (Israel’s National Transport Infrastructure Company)
  • Implementation Period: 2011–2017
  • Financial Scope: Approximately 900 million shekels.

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