About the Project

This significant project unfolds as the blueprint for three groundbreaking supply centers strategically positioned in Israel’s North, South, and Central regions, serving as the cornerstone for a unified logistics command. As the construction unfolds, Shapir is set to become the orchestrator of the most expansive and sophisticated logistics facilities nationwide.

Encompassing a sprawling 1,700 dunams, the project’s magnitude is echoed in its 210,000 square meters of purposeful construction, complemented by 60,000 square meters dedicated to administrative functions. As a testament to precise planning, the project emerged from a year-long preparatory phase culminating in mid-2021. The subsequent five-year construction journey reflects a commitment to excellence and endurance.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, this initiative stands as a beacon of community involvement. Shapir Group takes immense pride in encouraging progress, unlocking hundreds of employment opportunities, and championing the active participation of local workers and suppliers in the regions touched by this transformative venture.

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