Depot 25

Pioneering Innovation on a Global Scale in the Heart of Jerusalem

Depot 25 stands as a beacon of innovation, marking a groundbreaking venture not only in Israel but on a global scale. This unprecedented project, nestled at the entrance to Jerusalem near the government compound, spans a colossal 24 dunams, symbolizing a new era in forward-thinking concepts.

This trailblazing initiative demanded cutting-edge planning, in order to create a railway garage and storage space ingeniously distributed across two basement floors. 

Watch this visionary project unfold in an inspiring video that captures both the spirit of innovation, and progress in this amazing venture.

French Hill Depot

Within the ambitious expansion of the French Hill Depot, the Shapir Group orchestrates the construction of both the building and the mechanical repairs shed, seamlessly integrating them into the existing depot compound. Notably, this transformative project unfolds harmoniously in tandem with the ongoing operation of the existing line, creating a seamless synergy of construction and operational excellence.

Neve Ya'akov Depot

The Shapir Group undertook the construction of the Neve Ya’akov Depot, seamlessly integrating it with the existing structural framework established by the government. The completion of this project involved not only the installation of tracks and railway systems, but also the application of refined finishing touches. Serving as both a maintenance workshop and a parking facility for trains, the Neve Ya’akov Depot stands proudly at the northernmost terminus of the Red Line.

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