Depot 25

Depot 25 is a unique project with an innovative concept, the first of its kind in Israel and abroad. Thanks to its size and location, it considered as a groundbreaking on a global scope.
Depot 25 is located on a huge plot, covering an area of approximately 24 dunams  at the entrance to Jerusalem (near the government center) in an unprecedented concept. The project required a modern and innovative design that allowed a huge area for a railway stable, maintenance and storage space on two basement floors located one above the other.

Join us for a film clip accompanying the start of work on the project.

Neve Yaakov Depot

In the French Hill Depot expansion project, the Shapir Group is engaged in constructing the structure and the treatment shed within the current depot complex, parallel to the operation of the existing line.

Neve Yaakov Depot

The Shapir Group built the Neve Yaakov Depot on a skeleton structure (built by the state in the past) and carried out finishing works and the installation of tracks and railway systems. The Neve Yaakov Depot serves as a maintenance and stabling workshop for trains at the northernmost point of the Red Line.

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