About the Project

Route 3, known as Latrun, serves as a critical link connecting Latrun with a series of agricultural settlements to the south, ultimately terminating at Route 40 near Ashkelon. With the heightened traffic volume following the opening of Route 6, the demand for expansion to four lanes became imperative. Recognizing this as an opportunity for innovation, Shapir undertook the project, resulting in the creation of Israel’s first and only concrete road.

Concrete roads, proven to be more cost-effective and durable than their asphalt counterparts in Europe, require less maintenance. Shapir, being the sole company in Israel with expertise in concrete road construction technology, ensured the road’s cost-effectiveness. Despite sharing the same thickness as asphalt roads, the concrete road’s cost was halved due to the use of more economical raw materials. The construction cost was further minimized by independently producing the concrete in a dedicated plant built specifically for the road project.

Shapir’s engineers applied advanced techniques, including a sophisticated smooth pavement, in laying the Highway 3 section between Letron Junction and Nachshon. This not only resulted in significant savings during the construction phase but also demonstrated long-term benefits in maintenance. Unlike asphalt roads requiring repairs every five years, the concrete road to Troon-Nachshon has remained maintenance-free for two decades.

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