About the Project

Route 22 is a suburban, intercity freeway consisting of five interchanges that are designed to be an alternative to the existing Histadrut Boulevard. The planning was intended to allow for the daily passage of approximately 110,000 vehicles daily. The work also included the development of adjoining areas. The nearly 14 km route begins with a connection to the Kishon Road (Yigal Yadin Interchange) via the Histadrut, Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Bialik, and Afek Interchanges. It terminates south of Akko at the Karay Na’aman Interchange.

In the project, 14 km of freeway and 30 km of service roads were paved, 17 bridges constructed, and all the areas adjoining the highway underwent development. As an integral part of the road, the construction of the Gedora conduit was also completed, a 4,000 m long drainage conduit, built along its entire length within a groundwater environment.

The project also included:

Full lighting and electrical systems for the roadway and traffic control.
Temporary traffic arrangements.
Gardening and landscaping rehabilitation.
Work related to dewatering groundwater.


Client: The National Road Company (Netivei Israel Ltd)
Period of Construction 2010 – 2013
Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 1 billion

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