About the Project

Highway 16, the new expressway into Jerusalem, is spread across 6 kilometers and includes four tunnels of approximately 6 kilometers that pass beneath Jerusalem, seven bridges and dozens of underground passageways. The project has three interchanges, the Motza Interchange, the Revida Interchange and the Bait Interchange, a three-lane roadway in the eastern portion and a two-lane in its western portion. Earthworks totaling approximately one million cubic meters were carried out in the project, 200 m2 of road paving, 5,500 meters of roadway and a total of 280,000 m3 of concrete were poured into it.

Along with the tunnel boring and constructing interchanges and bridges, tens of millions of NIS were dedicated to landscape restoration of areas in the scope of approximately 20,000 dunams: Cycling paths were constructed, a large number of mature trees were replanted, and new hiking paths were cut the area of Nahal Revida to connect between the various nature sites.


Client: Netivei Israel
Period of Construction: 2018–2022
The Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 1 billion

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