About the Project

Two shafts were tunneled utilizing the controlled explosion method: Each time a segment was exploded, excavated as required while removing dirt and rock and constructing temporary braces (rock bolts, sprayed concrete, and steel arcs), work was conducted in a subsequent segment along the entire tunnel. In conclusion, Shapir constructed a final diaphragm wall in slip form.

The project used special equipment, such as a two-arm Tamrok boring machine, concrete spraying machines, ventilation systems, an advanced form for casting final diaphragms, grout machines and rock milling.
Preparations were also made for the power and communications systems, including concrete conduits and the insertion of piping into the tunnel’s walls. In preparation for the Control Division, a structure was constructed.


Client: Netivei Israel Ltd
Period of Construction: 2003 – 2007
Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 80 million

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