About the Project

Shapir Group has unique expertise in building mega-projects using the ‘Design & Build’ method that includes the construction of a residential neighborhood from scratch to full occupancy. From an economic standpoint, all processes in this type of project are conducted more efficiently, e.g.,  the construction processes, schedule compliance, and rapidly increasing the supply of apartments. From a construction point of view, the Group conducts the complete design for all its phases, from zoning approval to the project’s completion, e.g., permits for each structure, carrying out infrastructure work, building public and residential structures, commercial centers and public areas. In the infrastructure sector , the project included roads, water, sewage, smart electricity and communications. Shapir Group was entrusted with planning a highly advanced neighborhood while paying special attention to the community’s needs; for example, common areas have been allocated for the welfare of the community’s residents and their quality of living.


The project includes the following:

Area Under Development: Approximately 168 dunams
Infrastructure and Landscape Development: Roads, sidewalks, gardening and street furniture, urban infrastructures.
Public Open Spaces: Approximately 53 dunams of public open spaces and passageways.
Residential Structures: 1,519 housing units, 40% in the Affordable Housing Track and 60% in the Free Market.
Public Structures: 3 structures for use as kindergartens (11 classrooms), two elementary schools (12 classrooms), a Community Center, a daycare center, and a gymnasium.
Commercial: Commercial and combined commercial-residential structures


Client: The Ministry of Construction and Housing
Period of Construction: 2017-2021:
The Financial Scope: Approximately NIS 1.2 billion

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