About the Project

The Shapir Group boasts a distinctive expertise in executing mega-projects through the innovative ‘plan and build’ method, specifically specializing in the comprehensive development of residential neighborhoods from inception to full occupancy. This approach enhances economic efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle, streamlining construction processes, adhering to timelines, and swiftly increasing the availability of apartments.

In terms of execution, the group carefully plans each stage, starting from PBA (Planning and Building Approval) approval to project completion. This encompasses obtaining permits for individual structures, implementing infrastructure works, constructing public and residential buildings, as well as developing shopping centers and communal spaces. The infrastructure aspect of the project encompasses roads, water, sewage, smart electricity, and communication networks. The Shapir Emunah group is dedicated to creating advanced neighborhoods, prioritizing the well-being of residents by allocating communal areas within residential buildings to enhance their quality of life.


The project includes the following:


  • Development Area: Approximately 168 dunams.
  • Infrastructure and Development: Inclusive of roads, sidewalks, landscaping, street furniture, and urban infrastructure.
  • Shap (Open Public Spaces): About 53 dunams for communal use.
  • Residential: Comprising 1,519 housing units, with 40% on the resident price track and 60% on the free market.
  • Public Buildings: Including three kindergarten buildings (11 classes), two elementary schools (12 classes), a community center, day care center, and a sports hall.
  • Commerce: Incorporating commercial buildings and mixed-use residential-commercial spaces.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the project was implemented between 2017 and 2021, with a financial scope of approximately NIS 1.2 billion.

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